Our Coffees

Our commitment to people and the environment

At Doktor Luke's, we are committed to respecting our clients, our co-workers, and our planet. This means that we are dedicated to always providing you with the freshest beans there are. You'll never see us compromise on that. Additionally, we invest in fairly-traded and organic coffee so that our providers and our planet are respected in the process of serving you our drinks.

Our commitment to coffee

At Doktor Luke's, we proudly serve Down East Coffee. This Atlantic Canadian company prides itself on freshness, quality, and sustainability. They provide us with a wide range of coffee, all roasted in small batches. We've got fairly traded, organic, single origin, and shade grown beans. View our menu here.

Here are the coffees you can purchase by the cup or by the pound! 

(Doktor Luke is happy to professionally grind your grocery purchases for you in our industrial grinder. Talk to us about the ideal grind for your coffee maker at home.)

Dark Roasts

Doktor Luke's Blend

robust and unique

Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic Fair Trade

unusual notes of cedar, smooth with pleasant sweetness


*available for grocery purchase only
intense and lively

Aroma Nica Black

*available for grocery purchase only
vibrant, smokey, sweet - full shade grown, from the Fiallos family farm in Nicaragua 

Kenya Noir

*available for grocery purchase only
black, rich, winey

Light Roasts

Giddy Up Blend

very rich and aromatic

Peru La Florida Organic Fair Trade

very pleasant and mild, with low acidity

Medium Dark

Blazing Saddles

*available for grocery purchase only
bold and vibrant


Charlatan Organic Fair Trade (Swiss Water Process)

smooth, deep, and intense, this medium dark roast is also "jitter free"

Espresso - Medium Roast

Big Slick

excellent brewed in any coffee maker, this espresso has a long, smooth finish