Catering Services

Doktor Luke's would love to cater your special event. 
We can provide coffee, tea and baked goods for up 50 people. 

  • Coffee $18 / carafe (10-12 cups)
  • Tea $12 / Carafe hot water + tea selection
  • Baked Goods - Custom prepared 

HST not included in prices.
Delivery $5 in Sydney. FREE for orders over $50.


Coffee  Selection

Dark Roast

Doktor Luke's: robust & unique
Sumatra Gaya Mountain Organic Fair Trade: notes of cedar, smooth with pleasant sweetness 

Light Roast

Giddy Up: rich & aromatic
Peru La Florida Organic Fair Trade: pleasant & mild, with low acidity
Decaf (Medium Roast)
Charlatan Organic Fair Trade (SWP): smooth, deep & intense

Tea Selection

Orange Pekoe
Earl Grey
Double Spice Chai Black Tea
Premium Green Tea Blend
Lemon Ginger Green
Moroccan Mint Green
Acai Berry
Lemon Ginger
Honeybush Mandarin Orange